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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Learning the Letter L as in la-la-
Little and Large Lion's Lunch

Introduction: Sing the letter in a scale to teach them how to articulate this sound.
1-First have them touch their tongue to the roof of their mouth. (demonstrate). Everyone together sing la-la-la-la-la "Ll".Sing this sound every time you give a word beginning with "L".
 2-Teach them that the large letter "L" is made with 2 lines and the little "l" is made with 1 long line. Have them do the Lines "L"  worksheet.
 3-Play some music and have the tots sit down when the music is no longer loud. They must learn to listen. You could have them listen and name sounds as well.
 4-Teach them what long and short is by having them do the 4 page mini long and short book. (You may want them to measure the length.) Gather light and heavy objects. Let the tots hold them and decide if it is it heavy or if is it light. You could even have them weigh the various things on a scale. You can do the 4 page "Light and Heavy" book.
5. Have them do the "Hokey Pokey" and help them to learn left and right. The story for this lesson will help them to learn large and little as well as who ate less
A lemon is what color? (yellow) and so is the large lion and the Little Leo.

2- Is learning to make an "L" with lines.
(do this worksheet of  the lines lion and the lines "L")4-long-short, light-heavy 

Here is the Long and short Book along with the left and right book.



Light and Heavy 4 page book

Story: "A Large & Little Lion's Lunch"
In this lesson is the large teacher sized book. Copy and laminate. Cut out the 2 lions and mount to the front of a lunch sack. Cut out the portion of the mouths that is outlined. Cut out the "l" lunch food. Have the tot's feed the lions their lunch. The tot will feed the large items to the Large lion and the little food to the little lion through their proper mouth. Do the activity pages and underline the large or little picture as directed. There is a pocket sized book for them to read along with. Or you could have them do the 4 page short summary book. (Be sure to have the finger puppets copied, cut out and ready for use with this lesson.)



These are the lesson cut outs to be used with the 2 lunch sacks. I put a bean bag in the bottom to hold it down.

finger puppets
Copy and cut out these finger puppets. Cut out the finger holes ahead of time.

large and little activity

Mini sized Book and a 4 page short summary book

mini 4 page book in color in and black & white

a lesson follow up book in black and white & color


Lace Card Activity
Punch the letters from a-z and then tie a long string around the letter "A" for the tots to lace the lion going from letter to letter.
Music and Verse: "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

Snack: Make a lunch like Leo's Lunch. You could make fresh squeezed lemonade or  buy it in a pouch. I like to roll out a blanket and eat a sack lunch on it with the tots.

Project take home: Have them color the lion's mask for their project or they can do the lines lion.

Paper Plate Lion mask (attach to a large craft stick)


Summary: Letter "L", color, yellow, number 2 for Large & litte, lines (shape) 
concepts: light-heavy, large-little, long-short, less-more, learning to sing the la-la-la "l" sound, listening, and what is in a lunch.

Field trip: go to lunch

Here is a lesson plan bonus

Friday, February 2, 2018

  Pam Pictures Valentines in Pink or Red?
                               More Funetics for Fun Addicts

Lesson P
Step 1 (a letter born)
Introduction: P is for p-p-p

                                                                   f inger puppets
Learn about pairs using the cards made from this lesson or make your own questions about things that come in pairs (gloves, hands, salt and pepper, etc.) Copy the pink and red envelopes. Let a tot pick which one is red and which one is pink Have them pick a letter and name it out of the heart envelope. Learn about being p-p-polite by saying please and thank you . Practice with the games in the lesson. (You can use the song, "Just Say Please and Thank you) When it is their turn, the tot says thank you. What shape? (a heart) Show a red heart and a pink heart and let them pick the pink heart. 
Pair Cards (match things that come in 2s or pairs)

Heart Envelopes (Letter inside)

Heart envelopes/ (Cute out and tape the sides of the heart. Tape color heart to the white heart. Fill the heart envelope with the letters. Let the tot pick out the letter. 

Story: "Pam Pictures all In Pink"





Here is a mini read a long Microstrip Book

Cut out the 4 strips. Fold back and forth. Staple together for a mini microstrip  pocket book.


Pairs matching review activity
Finger Puppets for "Pam Pictured All In Pink"

Make a Valentine's mini letter. Copy and cut out the pattern.
Fold up and glue the bottom to the folded sides. Fold down the top of the envelope. Cut out the square and fold in half for the letter to place in the envelope.

This is enough for 3 envelopes & 3 letters.
Snack: Paint sugar cookies with pink frosting.

Mini Letter/Word Book (get cheep clean paint brushes)
Cut on the lines, Staple the 4 pages together

Take Home Activity

A Pink Painted Paper Plate Pig (attach a large craft stick)
Use this plate pig mask they made, or copy these for a play.
The 3 Pigs Play Script
3 Pigs Play Masks

Play Time: parachute play, puzzles, or a puppet show

Music: "Just Say Please and Thank you", "Patty Cake" & "Pop Goes the Weasel"

Cookie Count by Pairs
    6 cookie cards         


   3 Math Pages

Instructions to the Math Pair Cookie Count


Sum of the candy count by color pairs
    (Place candies on top of the large cookie)


Concepts: P beginning words, #2 (pairs), heart (shape), colors (pink and red)
Learning to be polite (please and thank you)
Pairs come in 2, puzzles, painting, 

Bonus Bingo: