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Monday, July 31, 2017

Back to the Basics

Numbers, Letters, Colors, Shapes
Number Activities
Here are some basic fun stuffs to help your tot get ready to go back to school.

This is a simple easy fan to practice numbers and letters.
For the number fan you will need mini stickers to correspond to each number.

Ladybug Spot Count and Sequence

Copy the ladybugs
cut out
Put sticky magnet on the back of each ladybug
Overlay the top corners of the wings.
 Punch a hole through the 2 wings. and then through the neck of the ladybug.


 Fan the wings closed when counting the spots. Then open them to reveal the number.
 Place them in number order. (USE THIS WITH A MAGNETIC BOARD)

 Counting & Number Recognition                                                 Sequencing

Grouping and Counting Keys

Learning to Count 1-5
& Recognize Colors

  1. Cut these flowers out of card stock. 
  2. Add color label dots to the center in varying colors.
  3.  Place a container in the center filled with pom poms. (You can get pom poms at Walmart or the Dollar Tree)
  4. The tots can take turns filling the petals while naming the color in the center which matches the pom poms when using the tongs.
  5. For a take home, cut out the flowers. Let the tot stick color dot labels on each petal. Tape the five flowers to a straw. 

Counting and Measuring with Insects
Cut out the insects and the Ii inches ruler.
Have fun counting and measuring insects in inches
Store the insects in a zip bag that is stapled to the I ruler


Counting and Classifying Insects
Give each tot an insect card and magnifier

To count and classify each insect, give an insect classification card & pencil with the insect card & magnifier.

Copy & cut as many as needed.
Counting & Classification Card
Let someone draw an insect fact card. While you are reading it, have the tots find and count up as many insects as they can find with their magnifier. 

Copy & Cut the Insect 
Fact Cards
copy & cut the 4 Insect Cards out
 (Copy more as needed.)

Counting Gumballs by Color

Copy the Colored Gumball Machine & Dial
Cut out the machine and dial. 
  • Press a brad fastener through the front of the gumball machine and over the dial loosely so you can spin the dial.
  • Let the tot spin and then place a dot label over the color during the lesson. For the game you will pass the game board to the tot and they will place the number of gumball pom poms on the empty circle that is spun until their gumball machine is full. (Let each tot use tongs to move the gumball pom pom.)

Copy and cut out as many gumball machines as need for the game. 

Letter Activities
Finger Puppet Letters a Picture Sound

Cut out the finger puppet and the finger holes. I like to store these letter puppets on a ring. 

Letter Keys
Match the Capital Letter to the Lower Case Letter

Copy, Cut Out, Laminate, and Store on a Ring


You've Got Mail
Store this in a folder

Open the envelope to reveal a letter and picture beginning sound. Let the tot name the letter if they can, but if not, say it all together.

Copy the 3 pages of letter mail. 
  • Cut out the 3 sheets of letter envelopes. 
  • You will cut on the center line and then around the triangle top of the envelopes. 
  • There is a letter envelope facing up & one facing down opposite of each other on each page. 
  • To form the envelope you will fold up the picture side toward the triangle top of the envelope. The triangle top of the letter will fold down over the mail to form an envelope.
  •  I sealed them shut with small color dot labels.
  •  Use Velcro dots to stick on the folder and the back of each letter envelope. 


Learn the Letters & Sounds Phoningo
Draw a letter or picture card and find the picture that begins with this sound on the Phoningo card.  Fill a card and call out Phoningo.

Phoningo Boards





Level 1 (Picture drawing cards)
Find the picture that has the matching sound on the card.


Level 2 
(Draw the letter and match the picture beginning sound)

Try this A-Z Mini Booklet 
for practice at home
Cut out the 4 sections on each page. Staple in order
Tuck this mini book into your bag for practice.





Color Activities

Caterpillar Color Capture Game

You will need:

  1. Little bathroom cups or these little plastic cups
  2. Cut card stock 1 inch wide strips the length of the paper
  3. Fold the strips back and forth for the body.
  4. Stick on dot labels or glue pom poms on each section of the strip.
  5. Tape the Strip body to the cup of the caterpillar.
  6. Glue on the eyes and draw on a mouth.
  7. Tape the small folded inch pipe cleaner to the top of the caterpillar cup. 
  8. Cut out the copied color cubes
  9. Place the pom poms in the center.
  10. Tear an inch piece of masking tape for the starting line of each player. The tot will also haul the color pom pom behind their line.

Rules For the Color Capture Game

  • Caterpillars will be lined up behind the masking tape line.
  • Each player takes a turn rolling the color cube. (alternate between 2 color cubes)
  • When the players see the color on the color cube, they each take their caterpillar and capture as many colored pom poms as possible.
  •  If they take the wrong color, then the tot must put back one of the true colors captured. 
  • The round ends when all players have had a chance to roll the cube. 
  • Count up the colored pom poms. 


Colored Egg Match
Cut out the colored eggs
Level 1
Have them find the matching colored egg while face up

Level 2

They can either draw them from a neighbor & set them down when they have a match, or they can play memory color match where all oval cards are turned over. Each gets a turn to find a match. If it doesn't match, then the cards are turned back over. 

Key Color Match
copy, cut out, & punch
The tot will match the color key


Colored Kite Match
You may use this as a 
folder activity
Copy both Kite pages
Laminate the pages
Cut out one page of kites only!
Draw a colored kite & match to the opposite kite. Let the tot name the shape. (you can roll a piece of cello tape and stick to the back of the kite card or you can place Velcro dots on the kite page and the kite card that you have attached to the inside of a folder. )

Shape Activities
Learning to form Shapes


Shape Match 
Copy twice. 

  • Turn the shape cards down and draw 2 cards. 
  • See if the shape matches. 
  • Keep the shape matched cards. 

Roll a dice and choose the shape that matches while the card is facing up.


Run off page 1&2 shapes onto various colored card stock, cut & (laminate)

Copy the (10) Shaping Up Pictures

The tots will fill in the picture card with the shapes that fit the Shaping Up Pictures





Spin the wheel 
You will use only one set of shape puppets for this activity. Face the finger puppet up. Name and take the matching shape to the shape that was spun on the wheel. The game is over when the cards are all gone.
(Copy and Cut out wheel and shape puppets. Press a fastener through the arrow & into the wheel with a small space between arrow and wheel. Spin the arrow.)