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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Christmas Tot Fun Lessons & Activities

Like stuffing a "Tt" teddy bear toy

Santa Clause Advent Calendar 
Glue on cotton ball each day until Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas Lessons

O is for the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

      Box ornament  (Use with the Polar Xress Lesson & be sure to put a bell in it.)

Summary: On & Off (Opposites), color-orange, square box ornaments, and the power of one.

P is for the presents to you from me.
P is for painting, puzzles, Please-polite, plus, play and pictures.

summary: learning to be polite by saying please, solving puzzles, presents are in a square box, counting the 10 presents under the Christmas tree, identifying p-p-pink. The tot's will paint.
Q is for Santa who is quick as a wink.

               Cut out the mask and eyeholes. Add a large craft stick.

Summary: In "Twas the Night Before Christmas" Santa comes as Quickly up the chimney. Dance quickly and slowly to "Santa Clause is Coming to Town". Talk about how Santa is quiet. Practice being quiet. Place lunch sacks out with questions inside for the tot to draw and answer. The quilt is in the shape of a square. Santa wears a red suit. 

R is for Rudolph the r-r-r- Red

round nosed Reindeer whose nose did blink. 
Pick the red rocket and name the number. Then put the rockets in order.

                          Learn what is round
                                            (sing: The Wheels on the Bus Go Round...")
With their pointer finger, have the tots move them round and round as you say it.

(Practice the "Rudolph the Reindeer" song) 

*Remind them not to be rude.
Run in place to "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer"

(Cut out the mask. Cut out eyeholes & attach a large stick. I glued a red ornament on for the nose -Dollar Tree) 

Santa had 8 Reindeers until Rudolph *Play the song:"Rudolph..."  while counting the reindeer
(Learning to count 8 and 9 )

Do this Reindeer in a Row Activity  (Add the magnetic reindeer accordingly)

Here is Dasher in a row, 
then comes Dancer ready to go.
Prancer is next  and that makes 3,
Vixon is ready to the tee.
Comet is now in a row
then comes Cupid ready to go.
Donner has put his feet down in the snow,
Blitzen is number 8 and is ready to go.
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer Vixon, Comet, Cupid, Donner Blitzen. 
This team is in a row"
"Ho", "HO" Ho!" 
It is time to go!
That is unless there is fog then will come Rufolph to the head,
He will light up the sky with his round nose that is red.

*Have the tot do their mini book with your colored 4 page mini book. *Be sure to have a red crayon to make the rings round the reindeer and to color red.

Summary: Red is the color for "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, a round circle is the shape for the shape of Rudolph's nose. They also will decide what is round using the cards. They will learn to make a circle ring to go around the reindeers they will count. The Numbers 8 plus one = 9 will be taught. Red is apples for the snack and round are pancakes for one option to use in this lesson. They will make and use the Rudolph mask to sing along with the song. Discuss the reindeers being rude in the movie. Rude does not feel good. Raise your right hand and teach them about left and right. You can play "Red Light, Green Light" to teach the color red.

S is for Santa and his sixth senses so smart and for the stocking stuffers and sack which use touch in part. Don't forget the snowman who grow when it does snow. Build a shaping up snowman.

(Cut out the snowman parts and begin with one naming each shape.) 
*Use with a magnetic board after you have glued sticky magnet to the back.

(learning ordinals to the sixth)

Watch: "Frosty the Snowman"

10 Snowmen in a Row Activity Verse


A Shaping Up Book            (8 1/2 x ll)

Here is a Microscopic Strip 6 pg. Book 
Copy the one page black white or  color to make the book for the tot. Cut out the 2 strips. Fold back and forth . Staple the book together.


Mini 4 pg. snowman book

Snow comes in what season?
Spin the dial and talk about the seasons. Demonstrate how snow melts and changes to water.

Learn about your 5 senses
see, hear, taste, touch, and smell
(copy the sense cards and tape to the front of the sack.
*Place items that use the sense in a baggy and then into the lunch sack.

   see- cut up squares with colors, pictures to name
   hear- sounds taped, bell, etc.
   taste- sweet mandarin orange, salty chips
   touch with hands- soft cotton balls, bristly brush
   smell- onion, peanut butter
Story:Santa's Sixth Sense
Learning about "S" and Senses with Santa





Make a Microstrip Book
                           (2 copied pages)
Fold back and forth in order. There is 4 strips. Cut the cover page from the strip and staple to the front.

Learn the Santa and his 8 + 1 Reindeers by singing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"

Make 8 Reindeer Masks, 1 Rudolph, and 1 Santa Mask 
Let the children use the masks as they sing:
"Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"

Make stockings to be stuffed
Stuff the stocking with s-things

Punch the holes and begin by tying a knot. Let the tots sew the stocking together.

Summary: S is for your 5 senses, s is for saying your sorry like in "Frosty the Snowman" song & movie. Build a shape snowman with a s-s-square hat, s-s- scarf and s-s-s sticks. Learn the number six along with subtracting by one with the '"Snowman" verse and magnetics. Snow is white and melts in the sun that changes into water. Make a sandwich and have a salad. Spin the dial and learn about the seasons.

T is for the 10 toys under the Christmas tree. My head is on top of me. 
song: "I'm all made of Hinges"

Do this activity.
Open the 10 square presents under the Tree. Talk about if it is over or under. Each toy starts with a t-t




Here is a microsptrip mini book to go along with this activity

There are 4 strips that will be folded back and forth & stapled to make a book. Cut the cover page from the strip and staple on the front of the book.

black & white
Color version of this microstrip book

Count the 10 triangle Christmas trees.

Stuff a Teddy Bear "Tt" Toy

Do Sticker ornaments or Bingo dot paint on these stand up Christmas Trees
Directions and patterns found in the Z lesson.

Copy the bear, Cut it out, staple or lace around, and then stuff with cotton balls.

Summary: T is for toys especially the teddy bear. Ten is the number learned. . Ten triangle trees they will have counted. Green is the triangle trees. The tots will name toys that begin with a "t".They will have a tea party.The tot's will learn to touch the top while also learning bottom.

U is for Santa up on the housetop and under the Christmas tree. You might need an umbrella when it snows. Place things under a napkin for the tot to guess. The sky is gray on a rainy day. Presents are square and in the shape of a rectangle. Santa pulls the sleigh with 8 reindeer.  (This Santa goes Up & down the chimney)
(Song: "Up on the Housetop")

Make this craft to practice for the program and to take home.


Summary: You will learn the song, "Up On the Housetop". The tots will go up and down as they hear it in the song. Hide things under a napkin and have them guess what is under it. You can use the top ten toys under the Christmas Tree activity. They will learn the color gray for rain clouds. Learn about what is upside down by using the "Upside Down Story". What shape is the presents under the tree? 

V is for the village where Santa sits and for the visitors of the baby about three. 
(Sing: "Go Round & Round the Village")
Let them make a village house and eat them for a snack. It is a great day to visit Santa at a village near you.

Village take home craft 
(copy to cardstock)

Or what of the village where the babe lay upon the hay?
Read: "The Visitors Came" with the big book and have them read along with their microscopic strip book. Act it out with the masks and do some Christmas songs with it.

(cut out the 2 strips. 
Cut the cover page apart from the strips. Fold back and forth. Staple together for a mini 8 page book.


Make graham cracker villages for a snack

Summary: Learn about a violin (listen to some music with a violin, what is a visitor?, name a star and then count the points, yellow is a star, there was just one baby (power of one). 

W is for a winter wonderland window with snow.
Cut out each square of the window 
Glue over a blue sheet of paper.
Tots add winter stickers (Dollar Tree)

What is the weather?
Winter or Spring Ww
Water comes from rain, and snow.
Talk about what lives in the water. 
Weather dial

Discuss what has wheels. Sing: "The Wheels on the Bus". Wheels are round circles. Have them play with things that have wheels. Go over the mini book with the tots.

What has wheels?
mini book

What about the 3 Wisemen who knew where to go?

(Patterns to copy)

Masks for the Nativity

Summary: W is for the winter weather. Water comes from the rain and snow which is white. Water that is frozen is ice, but when it melts it is water. They will have learned what to watch. There were 3 wise men. The tots will learn of the tradition of wise men. The 3 gifts were gold, frankincense, & myrrh in 3 square boxes, They will learn the color gold. The wisemen were led by a star. Hide the star and let them find out w-w- where it is. They will have learned was has wheels.

X is for the Polar Xpress and the xpress mail sent, 
that each tot watched as it went. 
(Send an invitation X-Press ) 
*Have them come in pajamas & serve hot chocolate

Learn that x can come at the end as in six. Do this activity.
Place these six trains in order (six has the last sound of x)


Do this X book together and let them take it home.
A mini "X" book

(have some train sets to play with)

Story or Movie: "The Polar Express" by Chris VanAllsburg
Complete this page when done with the story.

Summary: X can be in the beginning and also at the end as in six, fix, and box. They will learn to use an x to x something out. The train in Polar Express was black. The bell is in the shape of a circle. The box was a square.

Y is for the New Year, so give a countdown cheer!
Your number for the day will be 12 for 12 months

   12 yule logs

Do this magnetic board activity to teach about the months.

Chinese New Year (sack dragon kite)
The dragon dance is to scare off the bad spirits and is done to welcome the new year.


Count backwards and celebrate as if welcoming the new year.
Sing: "We Wish You a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year"
Have some yogurt.

Summary: The will learned traditions of the new year around the world. The tots will learn to count to 12. They will name the months of the year and what happens. They will have learned to count backwards from 10 -1. The flame of the yule log is y-y- yellow. The world is round like a circle.

Z is for Christmas at the Zoo with one animal that begins with
 "z" too. (Zebra). A Zebra has black stripes.

Spin and name a Zodiac aniamal

Zig Zag Z  (Cut on the Zig Zag paths)

Magnetic Christmas Zoo Story- 
(Cut out and mount the flat sticky magnet on back.)


Make a zig zag Christmas Tree

Summary: Learn to count to 10 and learn the colors green and red with the story. The tots will learn to cut and how to use scissors. The ornaments are round and the stripes on a zebra are black.They will name the zoo animals and decide which one starts with a z. 

That is 12 letters to Christmas one letter a day. Now it is time to sing & play.
Have a 12 Letters of Christmas Program