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Monday, November 19, 2018

Indians and Pilgrims lessons for Thanksgiving
               (Copy the image then download and print)

(Cut out eye holes and attach to a large craft stick.)

I is for Igloo-indian
Introduction: I is for "in" in the Indian
Pick different tots to go in and go out. The rest of the group says, "in" to invite the tot back in. 
Show different homes of the Indians (teepee, hogan, igloo, etc.) Place the 10 triangle tee pees in order (tee pees, match the colors). Count ten little Indians and then sing the verse. Use the 10 Indians to show the twins that match.

Take home sugar cube igloo
Glue sugar cubes to the igloo clip art.


Make a tee pee with a sheet and PVC pipe poles tied together. Learn & listen to different instruments and talk to them about the drum instrument of the Indian.

Thanks to the Indians, the new people (pilgrims) were able to come to a new home to live. The Indians showed them how to farm the land for food. Share popcorn. It is known that popcorn cobs have been preserved on the cob from the ancient Indian caves in Utah.
Thanksgiving came from the word thanks. 

Music: "Just Say Please and Thank You"
"Ten Little Indians"
Make and play drums

Snack: Show a seed. Pop the corn and share it.

Story: Pocahontas the Indian Princess (use finger puppets)

Four Page I is for Indian Book

Summary: I is for "in" in the Indian10 Indians 5-seeds, triangle tee pees, brown tee pees + color matching
concepts: Indians and the shared harvest, the first popcornfrom seed to popcorn, and Indian homes.

P- is for the Pilgrims

Pilgrim mini story:

Pilgrim Masks


Pocahontas- Indian friend

P is for the Pilgrims. (Pocahontas)
The pilgrims came across the waters in a boat to move to a new land. When the Pilgrims got to this land, people were here. They thought that they were Indians. Though this was a different people, the name stuck to them. We sometimes call them American Indians still today. The Indians helped with harvesting food. The Pilgrims would have starved without the help of the Indians. The first Thanksgiving was about being thankful for all who helped the Pilgrims in their new land or home. Learn and practice saying, "please and thank you". 

Song: "Just Say Please and Thank You"

Teach them that they have found popcorn on cobs in the caves of Utah. The Indians knew the land and so helped the pilgrims with harvesting. 

Use the 5 seeds poem
Count out 5 corn seeds and give the poem. Explain that food was scarce for the Pilgrims and that they lived on as few as 5 corn seeds. There were 5 reasons to be thankful. The meal shared with the Indians was to express gratitude for an attitude by the pilgrims to be thankful. 

Do the Triangle Tee Pee color match

Craft & Snack: Make a paper sack pinata. Fill the pinata with popcorn and small prizes. Twist and staple shut. Let the tots glue feathers to the back flat side of the sack pinata. Use unsharpened pencils to poke the turkey pinata on a paper plate. Scoop out the popcorn and prizes on their plate. 
Circle all the "P things listed in this activity.

Make Indian headbands & teach colors as well

Cut out colored feathers. Let the tots glue to the head band or long strip

Story: Thanks Pilgrim
 (copy, laminate and put sticky magnets on the back for a magnetic story)



Do a play with the "Thanks Pilgrim" story using the masks.
Be sure to tape a craft stick to the back and cut out eye holes.


Story: "Thankful Pilgrim"




Take Home Activity: Hidden Picture Pilgrim Boat

Summary: P is for Pilgrimspopcornpictures, 10 triangle colored tee pees-colors, 5 seeds
concepts: Pilgrims, Please, gratitude, Pilgrim history, 

Thanksgiving Bingo

Funetic Resources:
A-Z Lessons Hand Book (ideas to teach the letters)
Patterns Section (Igloo take home) (Mayflower hidden picture) 
Lesson Activities
(triangle tee pees -shape match, Thanksgiving Bingo, 10 twin Indians, 10 tee pees sequence
Initial Mini Letter A-Z Books: I is for Indian